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Rose Facial

Soothing, hydrating, and relaxing holistic treatment based on pure rose water. Perfect for every skin specially  sensitive one



Spring Detox

A great way to welcome the warm spring weather with a 

cleansing and detoxifying facial. Excellent for clogged pores and congested skin.


Acne Facial

For this facial, we concerate on achieving the best results, not just pampering. Perfect and affordable treatment for young adults and teenagers.


Forever Young

Packed with peptides and active ingredients which teach your skin how to act young skin again. Enchanced with our

anti-aging modalities.


Pca Facial

This facial is highly customizable so that each client can achieve their desired results. Customizable based on skin type and condition.


Ceremony of Gold

Holistic revitalizing and hydrating facial. The colloidal gold has a balancing effect on the body and brings a feeling of well-being and inner balance.


Jade Stone 

Gentle jade stone massage on your face to keep a healthy and youthful appearance. It smooths expression lines, wrinkles, purifies and lifts your skin.


Luminous C

Protect, strength, smooth and brighten while minimizing signs of aging and discoloration. Leaves skin lumionous. Take control of how you age.


Facial Add Ons

Celluma LED Light





30 min -$35


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